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Aims of Training

All the who aspire for joining the courses of cine and TV field cannot get admission in the Govt. Film Institute. Since, there are only limited number of seats, though many of them have got immense enthusiasm and talent they are not able to find proper forum to get themselves trained and shaped. Hence comes the ‘South India Film Institute’ to give a helping hand for such aspirants and started the institution in 1994.

The SIFI offers courses for the departments which are involved in making cinema and Television production. 

The people who have the courage and energy to develop their ideas will be enrolled as students in the respective department.

The talented and skilled, executive students of a full education in the craft of Film and TV making will be encouraged to develop their special strength in a proper method.

A separate syllabus is concentrated for each department. This syllabus is formulated on the basis of Syllable of the Govt. Film and TV institute.  Theoretical and Field Experienced Expert-Technicians are our faculties. The practical classes are conducted with the film shooting equipments like camera, trolley, lights, reflectors etc. as involved in the actual film shooting.

In the past 19 years of our experience, hundreds of our students who have come from this institute are working in the cinema and TV field. It is evident for the success of the syllabus formulated by the SIFI.


'Mano Tech' Mohan M.A., B.G.L., C.F.Tech.

Principal, S I F I


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